Coaching Update

As of Monday 11th August, our squad coaching will be overseen and conducted by Leonard Grout. Leonard comes from a strong background in swimming having competed at a State level himself, trained alongside Olympians and been coached by many experienced coaches in the greater Sydney area.

Leonard is being assisted by Al Staines (Bronze level accredited coach) and the committee, and will be delivering swim programs that Leonard has developed in conjunction with Swimming NSW (Paul Dobson - our MPS area development officer).

This arrangement is temporary. The position of head coach will be advertised, with the committee eager to ensure that the club's coaching depth is grown both via recruitment and upskilling and accrediting members of our club. To this end, we are currently in discussions with Bathurst Regional Council and Belgravia Leisure.

After a 20 year association with Bathurst Swim Club, our head coach Rhonda Hausfeld, notified the committee of her intentions to break from her current coaching committments. We are hopeful that this break will be temporary and that Rhonda will continue her long association with the club. Highlights of Rhonda's long association with the club -

The dedication and devotion that Rhonda has shown has meant she has touched and changed so many young lives for the better through her time on pool deck. Many swimmers and their parents have come and gone, and with that she’s made countless life long friends.

These achievements are much appreciated by Bathurst Swim Club and certainly worthy of recognition.

Bathurst City Qualifying Meet 2019

Entries are now open for the 2019 Bathurst City Qualifying Meet to be held on Sunday, 20 January 2019.

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Mountains and Plains SC Winter Championship 2018

Entries are now open for the Mountains and Plains SC Winter 2018 Championship.

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Bathurst City Winter Short Course Carnival 2018

DOWNLOAD BATHURST CITY WINTER SC CARNIVAL PROGRAM HERE  Entries are now being accepted for our Winter Short Course Carnival to be held on Sunday, 15 July 2018.   Flyer  

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Bathurst City Qualifying Meet 2018

Entries are now open for the 2018 Bathurst City Qualifying Meet

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MPS SC Development Meet in Bathurst

MPS is running a short course development meet on 17 September 2017, to be held in Bathurst. Click to see the Flyer for MPS SC Development Carnival 2017.pdf Enter via the MPS Website or the Bathurst Swimming Club Website.

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Mountains and Plains SC Winter Championship 2017

Entries are now open for the Mountains and Plains SC Winter 2017 Championship.

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Check out the latest clothing that the club has for sale.

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Squad Newsletter

Check out our latest squad newsletter.

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Top Times

Check out the latest swimmer top times report.

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Swimmer Kit Bag

What does a swimmer's kit bag consist of? More ...

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Summer 2014/15

Club night resumes this Friday 10th October @ 5:45pm.

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Swimming September

September is a great month to swim. Here's why ...

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Club Night Resumes

Club night resumes Friday 18 July.

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MPS Winter Championships

MPS Winter chamionships @ Springwood 22/6/2014.

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Summer 2013/14 Points Champions

The top point scorers for the 2013/14 Summer season were announced at the recent presentation at Bathurst Aquatic Centre. Points are accumulated simply by attending club night (1 point) with additional points earnt if a swimmer is close or betters their previous Personal Best (PB) time.

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Winter Program

The Winter Program begins on Friday 9th May 2014.

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